Hi, onetwothreejump was born....maybe in 2008?  I've sewn all my life, including my own clothing and presents for friends (my drawstring pants were a major hit in 2000!).  One of my friends suggested I try to sell stuff online, so I opened an Etsy account and to my great shock I actually sold a men's scarf for my very first item sold and then a skirt.  Over the next few years I sold a handful more of skirts.  I never gave it much time because I had the fear that I'd end up with 1,000 things of some kind that no one wanted!

It also seemed as time went on and Etsy got bigger that less and less people even noticed my skirts, so I made some zipper pouches.  Now the market has zipper pouches coming out of its ears!

In March 2015 I sold my first cat ears sleep mask on eBay.
I only had a few for sale but every month or so I'd sell another one.  I got the idea that if I was selling 10% of my stock each month, then what if I had 200 sleep masks for sale?  Or 500? Could I then still sell 10%?  Or maybe work my way up to selling 15% or more??

So I made more cat ears sleep masks to give people more opportunity to find what they wanted.  In late November 2015 I suddenly began to sell things every day either on Etsy or eBay or both!  This was very exciting!

I began to think that next holiday season I wanted to have a ton of things available for sale so I could sell even more....

I realized I'd rather work from home making things than anything other job in the world, so I started to make more things, trying to keep up the philosophy of "If you make it, they will buy it."  Mostly this has held to be true!  Some things take longer than others of course.

And that brings us to the present (May 2016 is when I am typing this), I'm not yet making enough to live off of, but I'm getting there.  Besides cat sleep masks, I make scarves, regular sleep masks, kid's sleep masks, skirts, pillows and anything else I think would have a market.

My new latest "great" idea is men's sleep masks. I had a conversation with a male friend who was a sleep mask user, but was also very sceptical that men's sleep masks would sell.  In the last month I have sold MORE men's sleep masks than any other kind. 

Another surprise was the popularity of my Kliban cat wallets, those are really fun to make!  I always wonder if people like it because it's from B. Kliban or if they just like the cat?

I have a lot more products in my brain, like I have some beautiful linen I am planning on turning into smock aprons, I want to make more cat shaped pillows and Kliban cat tote bags with the cat in the cape.  I haven't yet found anything that reliably sells everytime, except for maybe Rainbow Brite purses, which reminds me I need to make some more of them.  His and hers sleep masks sound like a good idea too.

As for onetwothreejumpshop.blogspot.com, I created that website for myself, to keep a portfolio of the things I've sewn to look back and remember.  I've made it public in case anyone else wants to look around and see how things have evolved.  

Some of my pictures are very bad, some of my things are not so cute, but such is life.

On the other hand, some things are so cute to me that even though I've seen them one hundred times, I still like them.

I like to put Bible verses in most of my posts because I am a Christian and I love to be encouraged by God's Word.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  If you need to contact me you can send a message to one-two-three-jump-shop-@-gmail-.-com, without the dashes.